Most people know potable water by its more common name: safe drinking water. Hopefully, you drink it every day. Other areas of the world have not established safe drinking water sources. But in the United States, we have technology and regulations that guarantee water safety. Still, accidents happen. Nothing can be certain, especially when it comes to our health. How can we be sure that our water is reliable and pure? There are a few questions you need answering before you can count on your water systems to provide potable water.

Where does drinking water come from?

Well, it’s usually stored in a reservoir, tank, or tower. But before that, it comes from pipes underground. The kind of water that we drink in the US goes by the term municipal drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency is the organization that regulates the chemicals in US water. Although this agency is credible, it’s still important to double-check to ensure that the water you consume doesn’t contain contaminants.

How is it treated to be safe to drink?

There isn’t just one way to establish safe water practices. For example, chlorination is a tried and true method that Matt Chlor employs. Using a chlorine solution, this process results in the elimination of bacteria and microorganisms. Another practice to certify drinkability is ozone treatment. Ozone is an element that’s utilized to remove dangers like bacteria and viruses. And although it is more powerful than chlorination, it’s more expensive. Either method is a great approach to improving your confidence in your water. It is one of life’s most important elements, after all.

What to do next?

Matt Chlor is all about putting your health first. We specialize in water disinfection and chlorination. Whether you own a water fountain, hot tub, or larger water system, our services can give you peace of mind. Water is the source of life, and potable water is the key to overall health. The American Water Works Association has certified all of our technicians. That means that you can put your confidence in us. Check out our disinfection services or get a quote today at!