Completed Jobs

dark room with light shining on white pillars

Description: Clean & Disinfect 8 Million Gallon Reservoir

8 million gallon empty reservoir

Description: Chlorinate 254 Million Gallon Reservoir

man spraying chlorine in basement with light shining from top

Description: Clean & Disinfect 12 Million Gallon Reservoir

red pipe behind water main with spotlight at night

Description: Dechlorinate 27,000 feet of 60 inch pipe

front of a building during the day with cars parked outside

Description: Disinfect The Hot & Cold Domestic Water System for Hospital Building

water main disinfection at office building

Description: Disinfect The Hot & Cold Domestic Water Sytem for Hospital Building #2

newer office building during the day

Description: Disinfect The Hot & Cold Water System for 6 Story Building

underground area with ray of sunlight coming from staircase

Description: Spray Chlorinate 6 Million Gallon Reservoir

matt chlor team spraying chlorine into water main pipe

Description: Spray Chlorinate 300 feet of 54 inch pipe

matt chlor team performing water main chlorination

Description: Spray Chlorinate 390 feet of 42 inch pipe

Location: California Adventure, Anaheim, California
Description: Our Service Technicians chlorinated potable water pipelines for a future lemonade stand as part of the expansion of Paradise Pier.

medical bed in the middle of emergency room

Location: Orange County, California
Description: The domestic water lines connected to this emergency room in a hospital were chlorinated, de-chlorinated and water samples were collected. Due to it being remodeled, regulations require the potable water lines be disinfected and tested to ensure that safe water is available prior to the room being utilized.

us bank and buildings in downtown los angeles

Location: Los Angeles, California
The potable water system that circulates water throughout this brand new, 54 story building was chlorinated, de-chlorinated and water samples were collected.

green dumpster and yellow ladder attached with water pouring out onto the street

Location: Los Angeles, California
Our Service Technicians hydrostatic tested, chlorinated and de-chlorinated 11,000 feet of 96 inch pipeline.

white truck with doors open parked in front of building being constructed

Location: Pleasanton, California
Our Service Technicians chlorinated, de-chlorinated and collected water samples of the potable water system. This involved 20,000 feet of 4 inch and 12 inch pipe in 12 buildings and also a 500,000 gallon water reservoir.

hiking trail with dirt path and trees in front

Location: Hollywood Hills, California
Our Service Technicians disinfected 2,800 feet of 6 inch pipe.

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