Service and Repair Department

At Matt Chlor Inc., we are justifiably proud of our reputation as the leading name in the service, repair, and installation of water treatments and wastewater treatment equipment. These chlorination equipment processes require preventative maintenance to ensure optional performance and extended equipment life while saving time and money.

service area in water main room

Our highly trained, extensively experienced, and certified water treatment operator service technicians have many years of sound expertise in servicing gas chlorinators and chemical metering pumps. Providing continuous support and service in our Service Shop and at your facility, available services include:

  • Original Manufacturer Part Repair/Replacement
  • Equipment Diagnosing
  • Equipment Testing (Before and After Repairs)
  • Support Plans-As Needed Bases
  • Written Estimates (Free When Equipment is at our Service Shop)

Let us assist you (in shop or on site) in maintaining your chlorination equipment so that your equipment always performs at its maximum efficiency.

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