Contamination called legionnaires is a condition that you’re probably not familiar with. We’ve all heard of pneumonia, the infamous lung infection. Legionnaires, however, is associated with symptoms like headache, fever, cough, and stomach issues. It usually only affects the lungs. However, it can possibly spread to other parts of the body. No matter where or how you get it, Legionnaires is something you should avoid.

How do you get it?

This illness spreads when people inhale the bacteria. You can find it in freshwater, but it becomes more of a hazard when it’s found in manmade systems or facilities like hot tubs, water fountains, showerheads, and sink faucets. There’s also a small risk of catching the disease if you drink contaminated water and your immune system is weak.

How to prevent catching the disease?

Water systems need to be maintained with the proper disinfectants and chemical levels. For instance, hot tubs can be a breeding spot for these germs. That’s because they thrive in warm environments. If you own a water system such as a hot tub, hot water tank, or decorative fountain, you should take your water’s maintenance system seriously. Disinfecting these appliances is the most reliable way to safeguard against catching this dangerous disease. Hopefully, this post has helped you learn about the contamination called legionnaires, along with the importance of defending against catching it. Don’t put yourself or others in harm’s way. Matt Chlor can help you protect yourself from legionnaires: learn more about chlorinating or disinfecting your water today.