When it comes to the chlorination and dechlorination of water lines, it’s important to discharge the water that’s present in a line safely. If these simple processes aren’t properly executed, the cleaning of a system will take much longer.


Water line chlorination consists of finding the right amount of chlorine that’s essential to disinfect the water line. Any water that has been exposed to backflow will be sanitized in this way. The chlorination solution is left in the water line for a determined period of time in order to ensure complete decontamination.


Once the chlorination process is complete, the system must be flushed out in order to neutralize the pH levels of the water. During the dechlorination process, one concern is the runoff of chemicals from the water Every precaution will be taken during this time to minimize any ill environmental effects that the chlorination process may have on the surroundings of the water line.

While the chlorination and dechlorination process seems simple, it is the heart of the disinfection process of water lines. Testing often and catching any contaminants early on are a big part of keeping water lines safe, clean and healthy.

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