Ozone is a powerful disinfect. This is a form of oxygen that sends out an electric current through the air. You know the smell that comes right after a thunderstorm? You’re smelling naturally formed ozone. It’s an unstable element, quickly changing to oxygen right after it’s formed. But, ozone water treatment is also the most powerful solution.

Ozone Water Treatment

Never heard of this type of treatment? That’s because it is not as popular in the U.S as it is in Europe. Compared to chlorine, the cost is a lot higher. That’s not the only reason it’s not used so much here in the states. The way our water is regulated comes from decisions in legislation. For example, the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments, place strict rules on the range and amount of disinfection needed in water systems. It also regulated the concentrations of those disinfectants. What this will mean is that chlorine will also become less cost-effective. Ozone is known as the best because of all that it’s capable of doing. It is able to get rid of odor, remove any coloring and organic chemicals, and it can oxidize contaminants in water. Since it actively kills any bacteria, it’s also the perfect defense for water bottling companies. One of the negatives this solution has is that ozone does not last a long time. It has a short half-life, meaning it can’t be stored or moved. Hence, ozone must be made on-site. Though it comes with its pros and cons, using ozone to help water systems become safe and usable has been the most powerful.