California didn’t see much rain throughout the year in 2017. Already this year, not much has changed. We are still experiencing dry, hot weather and could be experiencing another drought over the next decade according to the San Jose Mercury News. This could just be the beginning.

California cut residential water use by 13.7% from May-Dec 2017, compared with the same period in 2013 – the state’s baseline year. Below shows how much water each hydrologic region saved in the same period in 2017 vs. 2013. The last time California had a permanent lock on some conservations was between 2007-2009.

It’s important to protect agricultural farm areas because this is where most of the nation’s produce and meat is coming from. Farmers can save water by using Drip Irrigation systems or creating Smarter Water Management schedules.


Something that people can do to help them survive the drought in California is getting rid of the grass completely. Turn front yard or front of building into a desert environment. Embrace the dry, hot weather and turn the green into gravel or dirt. Plant succulents instead of regular plants which require much more water and care.


During the drought, Matt Chlor specialists are doing everything they can to keep the water chlorinated and tested where needed. Our Portable Water Treatment Chlorination Systems are great for on-the-go and emergency use. Since all systems are custom designed to meet the customer’s individual needs, requirements, and preferences, each portable chlorination system is unique.


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