The standard choice to chlorinate drinking water has paid off for the American public. Without this effective disinfection option available, so much water would not be safe to drink. There’s a reason the most common way to disinfect water in the United States is chlorination, and why so many businesses choose this disinfection method. It’s an efficient, safe way to kill germs and make water safe to drink.

What is chlorine?

Chlorine is a very common element, and it’s most often found as part of salt. That’s why salty bodies of water, like seas and lakes, are such great sources of chlorine. It plays an important component in several areas of life: public health, nutrition, technology, transportation, and more. It’s no wonder this element is utilized to provide potable (safe drinking) water.

The benefits of chlorine

Chlorine is the greatest thing to happen in drinking water history. There’s no question that it’s changed the sphere of public health and the longevity of life. In fact, before the widespread use of chlorination, there was no foolproof way to ensure the safety of drinking water. The most evident benefit of chlorinating water is that it disinfects and destroys germs. After a more extensive implementation of chlorine in water in the early 1900s, it basically destroyed diseases like typhoid fever, and reduced the spread of cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, and many others.

The way chlorine does this is pretty astounding. When the gas is mixed with water, it turns into a disinfectant. Unlike other elements, chlorine has an amazing ability to kill germs. That means bacteria, viruses, and parasites won’t carry diseases like previously. The simple step to chlorinate water then has a positive chain reaction to other aspects of life. However, killing germs isn’t the only benefit. Another advantage is that unpleasant odors and tastes will be removed. Additionally, chlorine removes unwanted things like algae and mold, otherwise known as slime bacteria.

As you can see, making the choice to chlorinate and safeguard against disease-ridden water is an obvious one. The only thing left to do is find a water treatment company you can trust. Matt-Chlor is the nation’s leading provider of water line chlorination, pipeline disinfection and water main sterilization. Find more information here or contact us for your business’s water treatment needs.