Our company covers a lot of different water services for other businesses and communities. One of those services includes disinfecting hot and cold water systems for hospitals and large buildings. Disinfecting water is an important thing. Especially when it comes to servicing hospitals, where hundreds of vulnerable people could be infected by poor or contaminated water. This is an important step for maintaining a hygiene strategy.

Hospitals— Disinfecting Hot and Cold Water Systems

Hot and cold water systems are typical to find in a commercial building. Therefore, a lot of our completed jobs include cleaning and disinfecting water systems for hospitals. This brings in water from the main supply to a variety of user points and equipment. This water needs to be regulated—and it is, by government rules. Water has to be tested to ensure that no bacteria has entered and it’s healthy for people to use.

Getting Rid of Legionella

The main reason we do water disinfection is because of bacteria that can creep inside a water pipe or system. This can quickly become dangerous and cause many people to become sick. Hence, in vulnerable places, like a hospital, it’s important that our services happen quickly to avoid making anyone worse, or causes fatal diseases. Thankfully, our service allows for clean potable water to be used.

Spotting bacteria early on is a good thing for a building community. Since Legionella can be present, water must be tested. Unfortunately, it arrives when the temperatures are perfect (between 20-45 degrees Celcius). Then, it makes attacks on bodies. Elderly people and children are at a higher risk. They can get Legionnaires disease from contaminated water. Hence, it’s important for us to come and check the water system. Contact Matt-Chlor offices is you feel like your commercial building is in need of inspection. It’s time to get rid of bacteria. Disinfect the hot and cold water supply today.