A confused look might come across one’s face when the conversation of “backflow” comes up. For many, it’s not a topic that is a common concern. But, when you’ve got a business to run, it’s important to know how safe your potable water is. Then, you’ll be able to a fix it if it’s a problem. Our backflow testing can help repair your water system. In this way, your business or corporate building can provide healthy and usable water to everyone inside. Our service technicians can also perform this quickly and efficiently—so that no one loses their time or money.

What is backflow?

We all know it’s important to have safe water and that there are people working on this cause every day. Though you might not put much thought into it, there is often a team out there surveying water pipes and ensuring that water wells are up to par. Backflow testing is an extension of those services. Water needs to maintain a certain level of pressure in order to flow from your kitchen tap, shower, or any bathroom sink. If water pressure is reduced to a certain level, it allows for contaminated water from soil, storage or other sources to get pulled into the flow. That, of course, is something that no one wants.

So, backflow is essentially all of the bacteria, gas, or other liquids that get pulled into the water flow and contaminating it. Hence, it’s important to be able to do testing and arrive on site to help fix the situation.

What are some of the requirements for prevention?

Taking some extra precautions to avoid backflow is possible. In regards to the U.S, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds local water suppliers responsible for keeping a certain amount of purity in their potable water systems. In that same manner, many states or local municipalities require annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies. These requirements are set in place for our own good. This way, communities of people don’t become sick through contaminated water coming through the pipes.

How long does backflow testing take?

This all depends. But, in most cases, testing can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Regardless if it’s your business or your home, backflow devices need to be tested yearly. For such an important job, that’s not a lot of time to set aside each year to ensure the safest water. Here at Matt-Chlor, we can perform this testing for your business so that you can maintain a safe working environment.

Approved to Certify Backflows

For such a serious and constant job, we have only certified professionals with extensive knowledge to get things done. Just in California, we are able to certify backflows in counties such as Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego. And, we are certified by California USC, the American Water Works Association (Nevada Section) and the Commission on Environmental Quality (Texas).

So, if your commercial business is in need of backflow testing or repairs, give us a call today or visit us online to get a quote. There’s no better time than the present to maintain your water and get the best service.