You might think about chlorination as something that only applies to swimming pools. But chlorine actually has a huge impact on public health. Did you know that the use of chlorine in drinking water is one of the most impactful health changes in the past century? Read on to find out the amazing benefits of water chlorination.

Eliminates disease & bacteria

Chlorine is one of the most popular water disinfectants in the world. After chlorination was widely implemented in American water treatment plans, the number of cases of Typhoid fever practically disappeared. That’s not the only disease chlorine protects against — it has also dropped the instances of cholera and dysentery, and it’s helped increase life expectancy by 50 percent!

Easy to implement

Chlorination in water treatment is used in almost all American drinking systems: 98% to be exact! This is because it is readily available and relatively simple to install. Studies have shown that chlorine is safe to use in drinking water in small amounts, with no known health risks.

Residual protection

An awesome benefit of chlorination is that it continues to disinfect and protect long after water is first treated. This means that chlorine has a residual effect — a small amount of chlorine remains in the water after the chlorine is first applied.


Chlorine is very affordable, which is just one reason why it’s available to be used widely. Whether your chlorination needs are for your business, pool, or home, chlorination is one of the best things you can do for the health of you and the ones around you. Contact us if you’re ready to start the chlorination process.