It’s important to stay abreast of any changes that may indicate contamination in your well water supply. The source of this contamination can come from many different things, but the solution is the same: total disinfection. This must be done quickly and efficiently, and it’s highly recommended that an expert is hired to perform the storage tank disinfection.

Storage tank disinfection

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality lists the following as situations that require storage tank disinfection:

  • A positive total coliform or E. coli test
  • After flooding or other well contamination, such as a cracked well cap
  • After casing or pump repairs
  • When drinking water taste or odor changes
  • During new well or seasonal well startup

It’s very important to contact an expert at the first moment you notice any changes in the water supply. Until the well undergoes full disinfection, experts advise restraint from consuming any of the water that comes from the well. In the meantime, especially for infants and pregnant women, bottled water or other water sources are good substitutes. Both before and after storage disinfection, the water supply should undergo testing to determine the presence of any harmful bacteria.

At Matt Chlor, we take pride in our thirty years of experience in storage tank disinfection. If you think your well may be in need of disinfection, call the experts today.