When discussing the significance of water main and water tank disinfection, nothing is quite as paramount as the need for complete and careful disinfection of the water mains that provide drinking water. A water line that leads straight to human consumption is a potable water main. Because these water lines provide safe and sanitary water that directly interacts with humans, the disinfection process must be extremely meticulous. With government regulations in place and health matters to take into account, our experts take the utmost care in chlorinating and disinfecting potable water lines. These are the times it matters most:

Before the installation of newly constructed potable water mains.

After building a new water main, it’s incredibly important to disinfect them before they can go into service.

After maintenance and repair.

When a water distribution system undergoes maintenance, experts must disinfect the system before using the main again. Even if it has been disinfected in the past.

When water mains have tested positive for coliform bacteria.

With regular testing, experts can track and keep a record of bacteria levels in water sources. If they detect the presence of coliform bacteria, the water distribution system must shut down and undergo complete disinfection.

Here at Matt Chlor, we pride ourselves on years of experience in Potable Water Main Disinfection.