Water is the foundation of life, but we sometimes take it for granted. City water is a great option if you move often, but well water has many benefits when it comes to cost and health. If you and your family are thinking about taking the route of well water, check out this article for some factors to take into consideration before you make the switch. 



With your own well, you won’t have to worry about getting a water bill from the city each month. However, there is a bit of upfront cost when you construct your private well. If you’re getting your water through the city, you can expect a water bill each month, that fluctuates depending on your use.


Taste and health benefits

Well water provides you with fresh water that comes with more minerals and nutrients than you’ll get from city water. Many people say that well water tastes better than others, but this is subjective.



Both water sources can get contaminated. City water is usually safe; however, there are times when widespread contamination does occur. There’s a chance that well water becomes contaminated as well. This is often from chemicals, sewage or dead animals. The solution to this problem is simply getting your water tested often. We provide well chlorination services and follow OSHA regulations, AWWA disinfection guidelines, and much more to ensure your water is safe to drink.



City tap water is available pretty much everywhere. You’ll usually never have to worry about your supply running out if you pay for city water. Well water, on the other hand, is your responsibility. If it runs dry, you are on your own. You’re responsible for maintenance, testing, and repairs.