Having quality water is very necessary for all of us. Think of Bobby Boucher (The Waterboy) going on and on about high-quality H2O. With it, he transforms the football team’s performance. More relevantly, think of all the debates, help and controversy happening in Flint, Michigan. And since one of our offices is located in, Austin, Texas, we can also mention the week the city suffered from unusable, contaminated water due to rain and flooding. Water quality is not a guarantee and not something you should be taking for granted. When it comes to weather issues or new construction sites, the water quality is never an issue to take lightly.

Though our offices are only in three different states, we happily service all 50 states. Make a mental note of that when it comes to water quality issues near you.

Quality & Quantity

In a direct correlation, the decrease of water quality also affects water quantity. If your city’s water has been contaminated with bacteria and airborne particles, it deeply affects the community’s access to drinkable and usable water. These are the kinds of events that send people storming into grocery stores to buy every bottled water available. With our system, we’re able to change results. Water main sterilization helps us find the source. Then,  we can work to maintain a level of water quality that is safe for everyone.

Legionella & Other Bacteria

We’ve talked about this before, but having Legionella bacteria needs to be monitored in your potable water source. Legionella is a bacteria that is naturally found in freshwater. Unmonitored, this can cause sickness in elderly people, or anyone with a weak immune system. Our main goal is to disinfect a water pipeline when bacteria issues have arisen. Using a special chlorine solution, we are able to inject the water mains. We’re then able to oxidize microbiological material. This basically means we are able to remove any harmful, waterborne material from the water. Our certified water treatment operators have been educated and trained to disinfect your potable water.

Our success stories include chlorination of a 254 million gallon reservoir, disinfecting the hot and cold water systems for multiple hospitals and many more multi-gallon reservoirs. People are affected by this so it’s pertinent for these buildings and locations to be serviced. Again, think of Bobby Boucher. We are as determined as he was to service your water system. Only high-quality H2O here. It’s that glowing bottle of hydration needed to finish the game (or to keep comfortably living in the 21st century).

We have a lot more information for you online. You can find links with details of the process we’ve adopted for our company. Make sure that your water is safe for you and your company. For any questions about us servicing you, please contact us here.