The disinfection process of any water supply includes killing harmful bacteria that are present in the water supply. The disinfection process allows the water to become safe for use in both drinking and cooking. This prevents large amounts of the population from getting sick due to the water supply. Bacteria can cause everything from disease to unpleasant odors and taste in the water supply.

What Causes Contamination?

If wells or plumbing are open to environmental exposure during the repair or construction process, that can cause harmful bacteria to enter the water supply. If any parts of the water supply containers are damaged then the entire water supply also risks becoming contaminated.

Water supplies should be tested often in order to check if they have been damaged or contaminated. Testing is especially important after any work has been done near and around the water supply sources and piping. If contamination is caught early, it can prevent the buildup of more harmful bacteria. Even simple taste and odor problems should be diagnosed early on.


The dechlorination process is vital to the return of a clean water supply. After the pipes to the water supply have been cleaned and treated, the water will be brought to the proper level of chlorination. Then, the water supply must be dechlorinated. This is important for bringing the water supply to safe levels of chlorination so it can be used for drinking and cooking by the population once again.

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