Chlorinating/Disinfecting Potable Water Mains

Potable water main chlorination and water main disinfection is a process used in water pipelines to kill and remove harmful bacteria (especially coliform bacteria) as confirmed by laboratory analysis. The ultimate goal of this process is to eliminate waterborne pathogens that pose a risk to cause an outbreak of disease.

blue water line pipes and matt chlor employees standing under a bridge looking up

Using a chlorine solution containing sodium hypochlorite, the solution is injected into the water mains to oxidize microbiological material, organic, and inorganic compounds. It is necessary for health and safety reasons and required by government rules and regulations that potable water mains be chlorinated/disinfected:

  • Prior to newly constructed potable water mains being put into use
  • Prior to existing potable water mains being put into service after being removed from a water distribution system for maintenance and repair
  • When water mains have tested positive for coliform bacteria

Matt Chlor strictly uses and adheres to the water main chlorination, water main sterilization and water main disinfection methods as detailed in specifications and in accordance with A.W.W.A. Standards.

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